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ธชณัฐ ภัทรสถาพรกุล
Tachanat Bhatrasataponkul

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ธชณัฐ ภัทรสถาพรกุล

Ph.D. (Physical Oceanography) Florida State University, USA

Dissertation: The Origin of the North Atlantic Cold Blob Revisited
Supervisors: Profs. Mark Bourassa and Eric Chassignet
Committees: Profs. Allan Clarke, William Dewar, James Elsner, Kevin Speer

M.Sc. (Marine Science) Chulalongkorn University, Thailand
B.Sc. (Marine Science) Chulalongkorn University, Thailand

Research Interests

= Ocean and Climate Variability
= Ocean Mixed Layer Dynamics
= Ocean Remote Sensing
= Climate Diagnosis and Prediction
= Polar-Lower Latitude Linkage

Professional Training

NASA JPL Summer School "Using Satellite Observations to Advance Climate Models"
California Institute of Technology, Pasadena, USA (22-26 Sep 2014)

Alpine Summer School "Dynamics, Stochastics and Predictability of the Climate System"
Valsavarenche, Valle d'Aosta, Italy (9-18 Jun 2014)

DAMTP Summer School "Fluid Dynamics of Sustainability and the Environment"
Ecole Polytechnique, Paris, France (9-20 Sep 2013)

MOMSEI Summer School "Monsoon Onset Monitoring and Its Social-Ecosystem Impact"
The First Institute of Oceanography (FIO), Qingdao, China (25-30 Jul 2010)

NOWPAP Training Course on Remote Sensing Data Analysis
Cheju National University, Jeju, South Korea (1-5 Nov 2008)

Other Selected Training Courses
= MATLAB Optimization Techniques
= MATLAB Neural Network Implementation
= Data Mining
= Advanced Time Series Analysis
= Statistical Implementation with R
= Radioactivity in Marine Ecosystem and Its Applications
= Wetland Ecology and Management in the Lower Mekong Basin
= Economic Valuation Technique of Marine and Coastal Resources
= Ecosystem Management using Ecopath/Ecosim
= Fishery Biology and Fisheries Management
= Ecological Modeling
= Companion Modeling

Other Professional Credentials

= NASM certified personal trainer
= NSCA certified strength & conditioning specialist
= ISSA certified bodybuilding specialist
= PN certified nutrition coach
= ACE certified health coach
= ACE certified orthopedic exercise specialist


ทุนรัฐบาลไทย (กระทรวงวิทย์ฯ) ไปศึกษาต่อต่างประเทศ ประจำปี 2551
ทุนรัฐบาลไทย (กระทรวงวิทย์ฯ) ไปศึกษาต่อต่างประเทศ ประจำปี 2548
เยาวชนดีเด่นแห่งชาติ สาขาพัฒนาเยาวชน ปี 2547
โครงการมิตรภาพเยาวชนอาเซียน-ญี่ปุ่น ไปศึกษาดูงานด้านการจัดการสิ่งแวดล้อม ณ ประเทศญี่ปุ่น ปี 2004

Last Update: 16 January 2018